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    申请号:  US37523089
    申请日期:  1989-07-03
    公开号:  US5074970A
    公开日期:  1991-12-24
    摘要:  A method for providing an abrasive layer on the surface of a turbine engine component is described. The method includes application of several layers of nickel; one layer includes abrasive particulates. The layer has good bond strength and has a thin cross section, thereby minimizing any effect on the fatigue strength of the component.
    主权项:  A method for providing an abrasive layer on the tip portion of a turbine engine blade made from a titanium base alloy, comprising the steps of: (a) electroplating a first layer of nickel onto the blade tip, the first nickel being between about 12 and 18 microns thick; (b) electroplating a second layer of nickel onto the first nickel layer, the second nickel layer being about 1 micron thick or less: (c) electroplating a third layer of nickel onto the second nickel layer, and then submerging the blade tip in a slurry of electrically nonconductive particulates and plating solution, the slurry present on a membrane permeable to electric current and plating solution, and continuing the electroplating of the third nickel layer; (d) electroplating a fourth layer of nickel onto the third nickel layer, the combined thickness of the third and fourth nickel layers being less than about 95% of the average dimension of the particulates embedded therein and greater than about 50% of said average dimension; and (e) heat treating the blade at a temperature to cause diffusion between the first nickel layer and the blade tip.
    专利分类号:  F01D5/20;C25D15/02;F01D5/28;C25D5/14;C25D5/14(5);C25D15/00(5);C25D5/50(5)
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    Method for applying an abrasive layer to titanium alloy compressor airfoils
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